The Digital Concrete team

Yvonne: Director & Founder

Yvonne has been raising the bar for AV and technical recruitment for a good while – indeed, she’s the longest-standing recruiter this side of the market. Digital Concrete was set up to tackle the issues she’s keenly observed as the space continued to expand and evolve, and that’s what makes her the best in the business.

When she’s not reinventing the industry standard through her honesty, compassion and clear, concise advice, Yvonne can be found devouring books and podcasts in her insatiable thirst for knowledge, or lurking in the comments section of someone’s thinkpiece. It’s the best place to get to the root of the conversation – or the seeds of the drama!

Jane: Associate Director

Jane is Yvonne’s steady right-hand, steering the company and managing the troubles of clients and candidates alike. Much like Yvonne, she’s been round the block a few times, and she knows better than anyone how recruitment for niche industries like AV and technical production can be a dream or a nightmare – whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or need guidance identifying your ideal candidate.

It takes a whole lot more than just spreadsheets and science to create the perfect partnership – asking the right questions and critical evaluation needs to be helped along by that intuitive spark. But from having her research published in major journals to watercolours on the weekends, horse riding and drag racing on the sly, with our Jane of all trades, you’re in very capable hands.

Jordan: Technical Content Consultant

Jordan’s years in the AV space have given him a distinct edge in shaping different forms of content – whether that’s video, podcasts, live shows or solely virtual conversations. His considered and innovative approach to keeping up with the team’s rowdy ideas have been hugely transformative in DC’s production value, and despite the amount of time he’s kept stuck behind a screen, he’s always down to share his insight or perspective to keep the team energized and those creative juices flowing.

A man of many interests and musings, Jordan’s interests stretch from sci-fi shows to tennis and philosophy, as well as all the ways content can be harnessed to connect like-minded individuals across the globe. He’ll happily skip the small talk and get to grips with any topic you set in front of him – just make sure you’ve secured yourself a pint for the road!