Let’s do things differently.

Empty platitude, you say? Nah. It’s a promise.

Since Digital Concrete’s inception, the business has operated with one goal in mind: To raise the bar of the Technical Production & AV recruitment industry. ‘Cause the people at the back of the room aren’t just people at the back of the room. They’re the ones who make a live event, or video stream, or essential meeting run effortlessly.

That’s pretty awesome. Our story starts with working with people who are open to seeing how awesome that is, too; who can appreciate and relish in the marvel of connecting the right AV and technical production professionals with the right company. It clicks, just like tech done right clicks.

It’s kind of like magic - but not quite. It’s actually just about people. And people have got nothing to do with what’s on a generic-to-death brief or on an auto-generated CV, like so much of the recruitment industry seems to think.

Us? We’re the 30+-years-of-experience recruitment specialists who are nothing like recruiters at all. And we’re proud of it.

When Yvonne Jacobs founded this company back in 2017, she’d been around the recruitment block and back the other way again quite a few times. (Side note: Yvonne is the longest-serving recruiter to this market in the UK). She’d always worked in recruitment, but she’d always been, in one way or another, the odd one out.

Yvonne Jacobs

Whether in big companies or small, Yvonne was the one who questioned why. Why aren’t we doing it this way? Why aren’t we changing things around? Why, when this seems so much better, are we sticking to routine? Being the traditional, conventional industry it is, other recruiters didn’t really listen.
So what do you do when you don’t quite fit in? You redefine the boundaries of operation. Disrupt tradition. Challenge convention.

Jane Dove

Jane Dove, who’d been a close co-worker of Yvonne’s back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, joined the company in 2019 – and their effortless synergy has been leading the company ever since.
Digital Concrete is about treating people as just that: people. ‘Cause you are actually dealing with a person. Oh, and by the way, there’s nothing fluffy about that for us. The simple fact is, if we’re going to find the right solution for you, the only way to do it is by getting to the core of candidate skills and company needs.
You can’t ‘just send some CVs’. You can’t force people into work they’re not 100% keen on. You’ve got to evaluate every little component and eventuality and instinctively suggest a match.
That’s when it clicks. That’s when things run seamlessly, and we get people in front of our clients that they’re amazed by and love.
All the solutions we create come from an appreciation for the individual. Making the teeny details come together, based on our years and years of networking, building relationships, and gaining knowledge of corporate AV and technical production needs.
Think of us as rebellious recruitment wizards. Except it’s not really magic, is it?