Technical Production & AV Recruitment

Freelance & Permanent

For the seamless client event, the perfectly streamed hybrid, and the right people for the project.

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Which one are you?

Hiring Staff?

It’s impossible to find the perfect fit

We bet you know exactly what you need. You have the perfect person in your mind, because you understand what that means. 

There’s just one problem: You can’t find them. You’ve looked and looked, but your tech and creative saviour is nowhere in sight. 

And upper management doesn’t really seem to get that the perfect fit is kind of a big deal in the long run.

Need Freelancers?

There’s no way it’ll just get done

You just want it over and done with, don’t you? The clock is ticking in the rundown to your next project, event or conference (that must run smoothly). 

You want the technicians and PMs to make that perfect experience a reality - pre-screened, served on a platter and ready to make your day.

Looking for Something New?

I’ll never find a job that excites me

You know AV and technical production. You’re a professional. A brilliant technician who sees all the moving pieces and how they must come together for success to happen. 

But you don’t just want a job. You want the job. And other recruiters seem bent on churning you through their cookie cutter systems; no one is actually listening to you. 

All the People  - All the Skills

Live & Hybrid events
  • Video
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Graphics/ Data
Video & Web Streaming
  • VMix
  • Webcast
  • Camera
  • Live Streaming
Technical Event Production
  • Projects Managers
  • Technical Producers
  • Scenic Designers
Corporate & Social Media Production
  • Editors
  • B2B Content Creators
  • Social Media Strategists

Yvonne and JaneWe’re Yvonne and Jane, and we help the show behind the show run effortlessly.

Digital Concrete was founded by Yvonne in 2017 with one simple goal in mind: To raise the bar of technical production & AV recruitment. So that’s what we do. We’re the recruiters who do things differently.

What does that mean for you?

If you’re a company, it means whatever technical production & AV needs you have, they’ll be understood, met, and exceeded. (No, really). 

If you’re a tech freelancer or employee, it means that your recruitment process will be one of empathy and genuine commitment to your next gig or project. (Yes, really).

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