Digital Marketer

Watford, United Kingdom

Tired of working in a stressful marketing agency but want to continue using your talents to promote and build a social media presence for companies? We are looking to take on an in-house social media marketeer who will focus on building our social media reach through various content mediums, with a focus of engaging the “right” clients. We’re a quirky, non-judgemental bunch, so your differences and individualities will be embraced. We feel good conversation is important within the work environment, we want someone who we can bounce ideas off but also someone who isn’t afraid of chucking their own thoughts into the boiling pot. 


This is an opportunity for you to take the lead on a marketing strategy and to run with your vision of what is best practice. We are not marketing experts, we know what our end goal is but not that path to take. Ideally you will have a background of B2B marketing with an understanding of growing a relevant social media presence. You will also need the practical skills of creating social media content, such as; Video Editing, Photoshop, Video Filming, Photography etc. 


We are flexible with working hours and imagine that this role will only consist of a couple days a week in the office, with the rest done remotely. If you feel your skills and experience are better displayed in a more creative medium than a standard CV, please feel free to wow us! 



£22k - £25k - depending on experience. 

Salary: 22,000 - 25,000 Annually - Permanent

Job reference: DC21208