Audio Visual and Live Events

If you're looking for a full-time Audio Visual Technician to give a 'white glove' service for you and your clients, for a talented Sound or Video Tech. to join your Live Event team, or for a skilled Project Manager who can work with you to produce the perfect event time and again, we are here to match the person to the organisation, to pair the expertise to the need - whether it's for a new permanent  member of staff to join your team, or for those singular times where our talented freelancers can provide the help needed with their expertise and experience.

And for those one-offs, for the additional skills they can provide, our Freelancers know they are valued, that we appreciate how they work, what they do and, importantly, where they enjoy working - We talk to them as much as we talk to the client, to ensure that both they, and the organisations they work with, can provide a seamless & excellent service with every booking.



Digital Media

This broad area is constantly changing, growing almost exponentially as the 'moving image', and 'original content', rapidly gains importance across all platforms. From the constant daily output of social media, the addition of blogging and vlogging to websites, or just to the day-to-day activities within a company, we will give you the confidence to know that we'll find the person you're looking for to join your team; they will be adding their knowledge and experience, and working with you so that your live streaming works faultlessly, your videos are shot and edited with creative flair and that your broadcasts never fall short of excellence. 





Digital Marketing & Social Media

Most businesses have an online presence, however the need to remain competitive, or to get noticed, in a seemingly endless pool has created a demand for candidates with new digital skills. This can be either In-house or Agency or freelance jobs.

Building and managing a social network has become vital for developing audience engagement and thereby increasing the opportunity for business growth. We can find you these digital and marketing people.

In the new world of online marketing and across the varied platforms of social (and sometimes not so social!) media there are a multitude of areas where businesses and candidates can get bewildered by the titles of the positions available.

The established job titles have often been superseded by other more relevant (or more trendy) titles. We have also found that these titles give a helpful indication of the culture and atmosphere of the organisation, and can range from the recognisably traditional to the contemporary: from Social Media Manager to Digital Content Rockstar, from Creative Director to Marketing Guru, we'll happily guide you to the perfect person.



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