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(ON HOLD) Senior AV Technician - Video - Live Streaming

London, United Kingdom

£30k - £40k Annually - Permanent

Do you wear black tinted glasses, a leather trench coat and have experience with the Matrix? Could the future of events be to go virtual? Certainly in the short term that seems to be the case. With restrictions on movement and our physical contact with other humanoids, virtual events seem to be the only feasible way to make sure "must go ahead" meetings/events take place. More than ever we are seeing the power of the internet and how useful virtual connections are.

You would be joining an eager and productive team, who line up in the mornings (2m apart) to take a ginger shot to energise the day. You will be working with top of the line equipment which has been well cared for and serviced, no more tentatively waiting to see if the mixing desk survives the show. You will be serving high-value clients, so a professional attitude is important but not void of personality, and you will be outfitting some of the most stunning event spaces which have real history.

Do you have technical knowledge of live streaming and video editing? You will be working in a bespoke built production studio, specifically designed around live streaming. Your’ll have to have experience with live vision mixing of events, working with green screens and general live event technology such as audio processes, general video and lighting.

As lockdown restrictions ease and physical events come back your role will transition into a more traditional Senior AV Technician role, attending site meetings, assisting project managers with quotes, preparation of quotes etc. This is not just a temporary role for the current situation but a role you can grow into as time goes on and we hopefully get some sense of normality again.

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Job reference: DC20200

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