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(ON HOLD) Senior AV Technician

Central London , United Kingdom

£28000 - £30000 Annually - Permanent

Are you proud of what you do? Being an AV technician can sometimes feel, well soulless. Setting up a projector and screen for the Nth time, only for it to display statistics and figures which only serve the rest of the suits in the room.

Do you want to be part of something bigger? You will be helping a global health organisation who make breakthrough discoveries, which in the end improves wellbeing for all. You will be giving a voice and platform to leading scientists who’s goal is to improve health and healthcare worldwide. Without talented AV technicians this vital research and discoveries won’t get out into the world. I’m not sure you’ll be able to put "life saver" on your CV, and you won’t be wearing a cape to work, but you will be a cog in a machine which improves many lives.

You need be tech savvy, up to date on the latest digital AV equipment. Mixing desks, video screens, cameras etc. But you also need to have a personality and a smile. This is a client facing role so you will be representing the organisation with every interaction you have. You won’t just be forgotten about at the back of a dark hall behind a mixer.

You will be working with managers who have started exactly where you are beginning. This means they will understand any troubles you may have and actually be able to offer useful support. It also means there is a genuine prospect of progression within the organisation. You will be treated like a living breathing human, not an AV robot.

If this sounds like the type of work atmosphere you want to be apart of, get in touch with us ASAP. Let's talk.

Job reference: DC20197

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