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Warehouse Manager

North London , United Kingdom

In the world of live events no two days are the same, with changing clients and changing events our client needs someone who can lead the crew to deliver not just events but experiences. You will be working with an excellent team of both full time and freelance staff.

You will use your excellent technical skills to support the audio, visual, staging and rigging technicians and not just lead but truly get hands on. It will be your responsibility to ensure all AV equipment is safe to use, PAT tested and prepped for use and that health and safety is consistently of a high standard. You will be required to communicate with production managers and staff on-site and also ensure all rotas, deliveries and freelance crew are where they need to be, when they need to be there. With varied events comes a varied schedule so someone who can be flexible and available to deliver these projects on time is essential.

Organisation, enthusiasm and technical knowledge are what’s needed to get the job done and if you feel you can, let’s talk.

Job reference: DC19189

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