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General Manager

London, United Kingdom

£36k - £42k Annually - Permanent

We are not just looking for a general manager, we are looking for someone who can be the voice of every individual within a small yet fascinating and innovative company. Gone will be the days of suggesting change and growth strategies and seeing no effect because you will be the one to implement those solutions; and they will come from everyone but most importantly you!

This is a company dedicated to delivering lighting and sound for huge and wide-ranging events and is full of professionals who are focussed on getting the job done in the best way possible. This role demands an independent thinker and a hardworking individual to hire, train and support everyone from the most senior to the most junior. This support may come in the form of IT improvements, facilities management and organising the staff social activities.

If you feel this could be the job for you, let’s talk.

Job reference: DC19180

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