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Freelance AV Engineer

Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

competitive pay rate Weekly - Freelance

This opportunity for a Freelance AV Engineer is in Welwyn Garden City. You must either live near to, or be willing & able to, drive to the client. It is a one day a week Freelance AV position, each Friday, for 3 months. It would suit someone looking for a regular but part-time role.

As the AV Engineer, you would go through each floor and room of the building, check/test the cables, neatening them up from the previous week's inevitable jumble, replace fly leads that are damaged and keep a keen eye out for anything else that might need attention. You will need to record all activity so that new cable stock can be bought etc. Some fault checking may be required and all faults would be reported to helpdesk. (Preventative Maintenance).

It requires a regular commitment to attend the client site each Friday so would suit you if you are looking for some part-time work.

Duration: 3 months

Job reference: DC19148

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