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Freelance AV & VC Technician

Sites across London, United Kingdom

Are you looking for more freelance opportunities in the world of onsite Audio Visual & Video Conference support? You will have had some experience of the corporate world of onsite AV, perhaps as a "Business As Usual" technician; or maybe you are at the beginning of your career in the UK and already skilled in the set-up, testing & operation of a variety of AV/VC equipment; perhaps you really enjoy finding your way around integrated AV systems; or you might be a recent graduate, eager to utilize the Audio Visual and Video Conferencing knowledge you have at prestigious sites across London.

You understand the importance of the highly polished ‘Meet & Greet’, which is part of any AV tech’s role, and moving across different corporate sites, your enthusiasm, positivity & adaptability will underline this, as you enjoy meeting people for all levels, supporting new sites and working with different clients and team members - a great way to increase experience and learn new skills.

If you’re looking to progress as a freelance technician in the world of Corporate, Onsite Audio Visual we will be delighted to hear from you.

Job reference: DC18132

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