We take an all-consuming approach to recruitment, not only learning about the work you do, but who you are and what it is that you are looking for. It's the personal approach that ensures the right people wind up in the right place, a place they want to be. That's our job.


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More than a job

Whether you're a Freelancer or looking for your next permanent role, it's more than a job. It's your career. It's where you spend more than half your waking hours. So it's got to be about more than the day-to-day work you do, or even the money. It's about personalities. Environment. Culture. Quality of life stuff.



Structure and culture

From the outset we invest significant time and resources getting to know our client companies; from their structure, strategy and objectives to their company culture and personality. We like to visit their offices so we can get a feel for the ambience, the tone, the facilities (the coffee!), and the environment - the character of the place.



Getting to know you

Brace yourself! At our initial meeting we will be asking you some pretty searching questions; from your background, skills and qualifications, to your career goals, expectations and hobbies. It's all about utter honesty so that we can find you a role in a company where you'll prosper; one that's 'so you' it almost makes the morning commute a pleasure.


All part of the service

We also offer CV tutorials and interview coaching. We don't charge a fee for these services, so if you feel your skills could do with a refresh contact us on 0203 582 7077 and we can talk specifics.

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