Yvonne Jacobs, Industry favourite!

For people working in the Audio Visual and Live Events sector Yvonne Jacobs is a familiar figure. Many working today in this technical field have found roles through her, and many are the Freelance Techs who, by meeting with Yvonne and discussing both what they can do technically and what their aspirations are for the future, have gone on to productive (and lucrative!) careers.

Yvonne is well known and well liked, a straight talker yes, but also a friendly voice on the end of the phone to both clients and freelancers -  her ability to arrange a Freelance Technician with exactly the skills needed to make an event fly, to find someone who works with the onsite team effortlessly, has been appreciated over and again, (especially when it’s with very short notice given), and has always been her forte.

The current vogue of relying on bots and algorithms in simply matching search words for jobs or technical ability is anathema to her - it is still the people who matter, the culture and environment of an organisation: it is the voice on the end of the phone needing a Sound Technician pronto, the person opposite drinking their coffee talking through ins & outs of a Yamaha M7 with a shy smile!

To those working for the large integrators of the industry, knowing they can rely on her to solve their sudden rota problem, and for the Audio Visual and Video Conference Technicians making sure their phones are turned on for a half expected early morning call, Yvonne has always been the means to both solve problems and facilitate really good working relationships. 

Now, having set up Digital Concrete, she is a force to be reckoned with. To those in the know, and for those who have not yet made contact, she is always going to be the one to speak to, the person most able to help.

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