We Are Taking Over The World (And By We I Do Not Mean Us)

We work. We live. We grow. This is a company that was started in 2010 in New York as office workspace- think Regus but with a twist. With shared workspaces and emphasis on the mixing of start-ups and technology firms this is the place where the hipsters mingle while at work. These buildings popped up in all major cities from London to Berlin to Tokyo with over 500 offices as of August 2019.

But the company went one step further and We live blossomed in 2016 with locations in New York and Washington DC. So not only do they provide the space for you to work and mix with “new friends” but there is now a place where you can live with the “new friends”. Not just live but the apartment buildings are jam packed with everything you may want to leave your apartment for. Yoga studios, espresso bars, restaurants. It has an app to connect you to all the other members in the building that allows you to borrow a screwdriver or a ruler. So why bother to leave at all!

Now of course the we live and we work is perfect for millennials with no attachments but what happens when they settle down and decide to have a family. Well the We company have you covered for that too with We grow. This is heralded as a “beautiful indoor learning environment” in New York.

It may be the standoffish British stereotype in me but with the touchy feely name and the cult like use of phrases like “for the greater we” but what may work in America I don’t feel will have quite the same chance of surviving in the UK. But as this company grows, only time will tell whether we are all destined to become “the greater we”.