The spirit of new technologies needs to find us willing.

It's interesting, to me at least, that many posts and blogs aimed at or for Marketing, Advertising and related subjects, frame their questions as if "Customers" or "Clients", or even "Users" are something apart.  It's obviously a helpful device but, perhaps, sometimes it's also useful to remember that we ourselves are users, customers & clients and we might do well to aim these same questions at ourselves.  The following article, from Hubspot, is a case in point: which emerging technologies do people want to know more about?  Which do they hanker after to use? And which annoy the hell out of them? Sometimes it's worth making it personal, understanding the reactions of others may come from acknowledging our own likes and dislikes. 

Augmented Reality is, for me, the most exciting of all the promised new tech but there have been false starts already, remember GoogleGlass? This might have been that the tech its self wasn't all that great or could, possibly, have been that the time wasn't right, the Collective Will not yet there. There needs to be a zeitgeist with technology, it needs to "feel right" - it's not just what it looks like, nor even what it can do: we need to feel that we want to do it, that it can be useful or interesting most or all of the time. For a technology to be taken up and become widespread it must be a seamless fit into our everyday, become something we rarely think about even as we use it, forgettable but not forgotten; not just a Christmas toy, delighting us for a day or two and then swiftly tidied away to the back of the drawer, forsaken and ignored.

And the technology that drives me to distraction? Are you old enough to remember the Microsoft Word Paperclip? It popped up uninvited and instantly appealed to my inner caveman, making me want to heft my beautifully weighted flint rock and smash it over & over again into the corner of the screen.  Well, looking at myself as the customer, the same feelings start to brew every time a Chat Bot slides its self up and asks if it can help me. Even when I know that it probably can help me. Even then.

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