The Investment Banks' Secret DJs

Here is a secret, known only to a few: throughout the City of London and beyond, within investment banks and prestigious law firms, at top-flight Royal institutions and the most respected of universities are vital areas harbouring those whose lives have been spent gaining the skills needed to play their part in the powerhouse techo clubs, to delight the festival goers and ravers. They are the alternative circuit DJs and musicians, who have spent those long nights in their teenage bedrooms honing their skills, and can now fix any microphone, effortlessly manipulate a sound console, give you the very best possible from a tired amplifier and a dated speaker system, a once super woofer no longer super!

They’re not the financial advisors (well, not usually), nor the top billing lawyers (perhaps studying briefs isn’t quite what they imagined) but are instead the Audio Visual Technicians.

Sometimes working as Freelancers, sometimes given full-time, in-house roles by their unsuspecting employers - these subculture techies are entrusted (and highly trusted) with the task of ensuring all The Corporation’s events go to plan.  Those 500 seating capacity events with fabulous lights, wonderous & deep-toned audio systems… Just who do you think is beavering away to make it happen?  And not just the near-arena sized events, but that talk from a crusty academic whose off-beat theory is given life and magnificence by the spectacular video wall.

We all need money * sigh * and what a great way to put their techie expertise to use and add to their finances, earn a salary.

So now you know. There is a lot more that you can do with your tech skills than you may think. If you know your way round a sound reinforcement system, can fiddle with a signal processor or come from a DJ or live event background and are looking for additional income (or even any income at all!); perhaps you find yourself secretly harking after that once anathema of a respected professional environment, then it can be done.   City firms are riddled with The Alternatives!  Let’s talk!