The internet of things...... going haywire?

Given that we are all going to go out and buy fridges that tell us what goodies we're about to run out of (are we really?) and given that many of us have now allowed mega-corporations to listen in to our every conversation at home so that they can turn the lights on and the heating down ("so you don't have to"), what are the risks?  This adds up to a huge amount of data to be collected and stored and where will this be kept?  Will it be secure?  And from whom does it need protecting?

My feeling is that data storage can never be completely secure: there is an evolutionary arms race going on between those collecting the data & legitimate users, and those who want unauthorized access for whatever reason - hackers, pirates, malware creators etc.  At any given time one or other is in the ascendancy but, note, it's not always those who's interest is seen as benign (and we may not always be aware of what data is sent, and to whom, authorized or not).  David Roe on cmswire has some interesting things to say on this topic - not, perhaps, quite as personally wary as me!

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