The Borg Queen!

In my last blog I said our mobile phones were "making cyborgs of us all". I've been pondering this quite a lot since and wondered which bits of us, of our bodies, would be enhanced, which left much as is, and which discarded. I think it's quite likely that sooner, rather than later, we will have a means of direct access to the tech, perhaps not a port or socket in our forehead, or behind our ears, perhaps it'll be by some unseen means; maybe magnetic induction or microwaves or some as yet unknown or unthought of alternative.... actually, this latter is probably nearer the mark, and in 10 years time we'll all have forgotten today, when we hadn't even envisioned the whatever-it-is tech. that we will now use all the time, for everything.  Frank Herbert's Melange comes to mind. The Spice of Arrakis, Dune, that allows us to warp space & time (and, if we're lucky, to ride giant sand worms and have purple eyes like Liz Taylor!).

Science Fiction, a much denigrated area of literature if not of film, has a tendency to predict things pretty accurately on a day to day level and with this, and cyborgs, in mind, I've leaving you with one of the most fabulous scenes in the Star Trek Panoply: The Arrival of the Borg Queen..... 



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