Spectacular change, like Winter, really may be coming!

We are constantly bombarded with articles, messages and TV programs - in fact from everywhere - telling us that "major change is coming" or that a particular piece of tech will change our lives.... Well, very occasionally, they just may be right.  Virtual reality has been promised us for years now, so much so that perhaps we've become so used to the "yeah, yeah, that again" that we haven't quite realised that  it really is nearly here. Perhaps not quite the Star Trek holodecks yet but maybe even that isn't too far off!

Nick Babich at Adobe has looked into the very near future and seen how a spectacular change in education may soon be possible; how utilising Virtual Reality has the power to revolutionise the way schools and universities teach.  It seems to me that, for once, this promise of change, of something radically new with the ability to alter how we learn, think and perhaps perceive the world, really is just round that next corner.


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