Putting it together!  IKEA construction made simple... maybe...

Now, I'm not the most "handy" of people and couldn't put up a shelf to save my life but, if I'm completely honest, I've never had that much trouble with IKEA flat-packs.  Those little instruction leaflets seem to be fine to me, as long as you do EXACTLY what it says, check and double check that you have each piece of the furniture, the correct number of each screw and wooden peg; and  lay it all out in enough space for the cat to be swung a few times without trouble.... So, yes, OK, I get it, I can see how it might get a bit much for those easily bored out of their minds by DIY (I'm like that with gardening - 5 minutes with a packet of seeds or a sad looking plant from Homebase and I'm ready to kill!).

But fear not!  Alice Morby from Dezeen brings tidings of great joy!  Fancy an augmented reality app that takes you through it all, no stress?  Read on!

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