Personality and your job... Does it matter?

Do you need different personality types within a business?  Are certain jobs better for (and done better by) people with certain personality types?  I think we've all got a knee-jerk response to these questions, we all feel we know that some folk are better placed in Admin roles, others in the creative arena and so on - but is it true, and do we actually understand what traits a person has?

Jordan Peterson, for The Big Idea, runs through a few of the reasons why you might want more "creatives" at the beginning of an organisation's life but that you will also need those who "stick to the tracks" once things have become established - and it's a fine balancing act it seems.

Mr Peterson has been vilified and deified in equal measure in the media recently and this also gives us a chance to see  how HIS thought processes work, how he manages to put forward an idea or two, without us having to go into some more possibly contentious areas.  Whatever one thinks of him he is a master explainer!

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