Money Money Money

Vendor: “That will be £2.99, please”

The customer smiles takes their shopping and walks out the door.

What step is missing in this scenario? Why the payment of course! There was no jingle of coins, swiping of cards or tapping of phones but this is the situation that takes place across China who have now adopted facial recognition payment. With contactless payments now the norm in the UK, do we need to make it even easier to part with our money?

Introducing it in China has caused a few bumps in the road as 60% of users in a poll by Sina Technology felt ugly when they were using facial payment technology. Their answer to the problem? Facial payment filters! So, whilst paying, there’s no need to be confronted by a bad hair day or a few blemishes.

However, the hurdles when it comes to establishing this in British culture centre around something a bit trickier to solve, namely privacy. In surveys of over 4000 people done by YouGov, 46% want the right to opt out of using the technology and 55% want restrictions imposed to limit the police usage of this technology. So, if a filter won’t solve this problem, I am not sure what will. Only time will tell if our smiles will be enough to cover the costs of our coffees or whether we will continue the inconvenience of carrying that trusty piece of card with us or even maintain the old mantra of “cash is king”.