It's not just driverless cars!

A fascinating  riff on how we will travel in 20 years time from Wired.  Trying to predict the future has always been a bit of a Hit & Miss activity - with the Miss bit far outweighing the Hit rate - but here they've also taken into consideration the changes and growth in both AI and physical transportation and have come up with some stimulating ideas. You can see how we may not even notice the changes in our everyday life: the way we just accept new ways of booking routes, combinations of different travel modes (trains, planes and automobiles) and, perhaps more scarily to me, our whole agenda, our life schedules, will be "managed" by these slightly-more-than-algorithms we currently call AI.

There are some breathtaking and exciting predictions, and it all sounds extremely plausible, but I do feel that, perhaps, we might be missing some of the underlying social and political implications. Although, of course, if someone invents the Star Trekkian way to"Beam me down, Scotty"  then it's all just so much 2040s cyber-punk!

That said: Bring it on!


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