Is being silly the way forward?

Do we have to be stern and serious the whole time?  Need to keep our top buttons firmly done up and our ties knotted to within an inch of their lives?  Generally the whole corporate world has relaxed over the past 10 years: "Dress Down Friday" morphing into the everyday - open necked shirts under more adventurous, non-"regulation grey'' suits for men (Royal Blue, anyone?), less of the formal & power-shouldered black jackets for women....

Many companies now deem  "smart casual" perfectly acceptable for the office (well, perhaps not certain of the solid bastions of Law and Finance in The City!) - So, has this now filtered down into other areas of business?  Advertising and marketing have always used humour as a way of making a brand or product noticeable (sometimes, it has to be said, unintentionally) but now, as Deborah Sweeny at SocialMediaToday points out, this is sliding over into silliness - and is all the more beneficial for it!

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