Hi, I'm your Digital Overlord!

Some “experts” are saying, again, that we need to “Jazz Up the Job Title”, that the millennials need to be appealed to by having a cool title, by being a Rockstar, a King or a Guru. (“Hi, I’m the Recruitment Rockstar, I hear you’re Queen of Pencils and we need to talk about how to improve our Gurus’ technical output”). 


Would you like to deal with a Customer Service Ninja or rather speak to the Amazement Officer? Perhaps you’d prefer a Fan Happiness Associate (yes, really!)?  I’m ambivalent at the moment: I can see why some companies and brands might want to adopt the more exotic titles, maybe to appeal to what they perceive as a more vibrant type of worker, or to add a quirkiness to their otherwise more standard style, but isn’t the danger that once recruited, your Amazement Officer is quickly disabused of the notion that this call centre job is any different and feels somewhat disenchanted?

On the other hand, might the more esoteric sounding titles (“I’m a Retail Wizard, and you?”) attract more interesting candidates for that hard to fill role?  I’m not sure……

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