Does length  matter? (It's VIDEO again!).

Advertisers are spending more & more online, trying to get their video seen by as many (or as "targeted") people as possible - we can see with our own eyes the way things are changing: those 'just above eye-level' poster ads on the tube that you look at on the way to & from work, they've changed; the clunky rotating ones at bus stops; even the ads on the telly. We often see different types of products or brands - there's more of that internal "oh!" we note in our brains but rarely mention to anyone else. The once seemingly limitless budgets of big brand marketers is, after all, limited and they are choosing alternatives, chiefly it seems, to put their videos on Facebook, Google and all the behemoths of the of our phones and screens.  And indeed, as the competition for our eyes hots up, so we'll start to see experimentation not just with content but with form: it's become an article of faith, almost doctrinal, that young people these days have very short attention spans and so these clips have been "short & sweet" - but is this necessarily so? Anyway, it isn't only these slightly mythical "young people" who are living their lives with very little distinction between online and offline, we all are!

Kayla Matthews, at MarketingDive, has taken a look at the experimentation going on with the length of these video adverts, both the shorter and longer forms - it'll be interesting to see how this evolves in our sidebars and on our timelines.

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