And here was me getting all the flack for having sweeteners.......

Well, well, well.... It turns out that all that awful doom-laden talk about taking sweeteners is based on no evidence at all!  There have been many studies, both of individual sweeteners and of weight loss and side-effects overall, and it seems that you should be perfectly fine and dandy!  Providing you don't drink over 40 cans of Pepsi Max or Coke Zero, or eat 100 Boots Diabetic Shortbread Biscuits (Yum!)  a day - (in which case, I'd suggest, you've got far more of a problem than a sugar fix going on!).  What's  more it appears that, whilst there is some disputed evidence that the Stevia Leaf in its natural form may have carcinogenic properties, the purified (quasi-artificial) form doesn't.  So no major organ failure there then, either.

For once, it seems, dieters, and folk who just want to cut out sugar but love sweet things, don't have to bare the brunt of the Virtuous-Moralising-Thin and can carry on emptying packets of white powder into their breakfast skinny lattes with impunity - and not be forced to purse their lips & try hard to swallow whilst sipping some vile Bergamot & Violet Green Tea abomination .... or is that just me?

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